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Dancing Ballerinas  Stoneware Vase.

The Origin of Man Stoneware Mask

Scenes of Nature Stoneware Vase

Dolores Gomez
12 " Tall   8" D    Stoneware

Marcelino Ch. Paz
11 " Long   6" Wide  Stoneware

Dolores Gomez
10.5 " Tall   6.5"W Stoneware 

Dancing  Ballerinas

The Origins of Man Mask

  Nature Vase

Waves Bowl Stoneware by Marcelino Chavez

 The Gymnasts Stoneware Sculpture by Dolores Gomez

The Proud Eagle

Marcelino Ch. Paz

Dolores Gomez

Dolores Gomez

 11.5 " D   2.5" Deep  Stoneware 

12.5 " Long  9.5" Tall  Stoneware

1.5 " D   2.5" Deep 


 The Gymnasts

Proud Eagle


Gymnasts in Sphere Stoneware Sculpture by Dolores Gomez


Dolores Gomez


 9.5 " Tall   30" C 


  Gymnasts in a Sphere


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